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by Jenn Jarvis

WATERLOO (KWWL) - A new couple is ruling the roost at the Black's Building in Waterloo and a Web cam is documenting their every move.

Their names are Mr. and Mrs. James Black Hawk. But, they're not black hawks, they are actually a pair of red tailed hawks.

Vern and Donna Nelson, of Nelson Properties, named the pair after, of course, James Black who built the Black's Building and after Black Hawk County. The Nelsons actually spent the last few years playing electronic hawk calls, hoping to cut down on the pigeon population.

The hawk couple settled in sometime in January and built a nest on top of an air conditioner just below the seventh floor. Mrs. Hawk is watching over three eggs that the Nelson's think should hatch in a couple weeks.

People working in the building found the birds so interesting, they wanted to share it. So the Nelson's set up a Web cam and started streaming the little family's life online. They are even planning some rennovations for the new neighbors.

"We're even trying to think of some way to build something over the top so that if they come back next year, which we hope they will, that would raise it up over the air conditioner," Donna Nelson said.

The Nelsons hope that other downtown businesses or area schools take an interest in the hawks. And are looking forward to when the eggs hatch, to see the baby birds learn to fly.

Six o'clock is one of the best times to watch the hawks. Mr. Hawk normally flies in and takes his turn watching over the eggs.

Black's Building Hawk Web Cam

Online Reporter: Jenn Jarvis

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