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Kay Cervetti: Fitness forward


On magazine covers everywhere, you see images of chiseled, air-brushed bodies, and while these pictures reflect skin-deep fitness, one local woman believes fitness is both physical and spiritual, and she's making sure it's within everyone's grasp. 
Kay Cervetti is Someone You Should Know.

With high energy and a fierce figure, Kay Cervetti feels at home leading a body-toning class. "It's easy for me, it's my passion,"  said Cervetti.

This mother of six puts her passion into play by overseeing hundreds of aerobics students attending 20 classes seven days a week at "Valley Lutheran High School" in Cedar Falls.
"Without our health, we don't have much," Cervetti said.

Cervetti calls these classes "The Training Center," an institution that began 10 years ago with a dream of inspiring others to physical and spiritual fitness, a dream which comes true every day during class.

"I have more energy," student Sheri Ubben said. "I have a 16 year old and an 11 year old and I can do more with them than I used to be able to."

"What keeps me going?" asks student Ken Caines, "I started losing weight, toning my muscle, feeling better, sleeping less, exercising more. These results don't come easily. Cervetti requires students to pay a price: discipline, hard work, and eating right are all required. But one factor not required: money.

"We like people to come and if they can, bring a dollar donation," Cervetti said. "It helps buy equipment, if you don't donate, it's okay. We want them to walk away feeling blessed. When students come to class, they'll find a small dollar-donation box, but Cervetti doesn't draw attention to it. "No one else does what she does," Caines said.

And after a class filled with pulse-pounding music, energy and encouragement, Cervetti, also a Bible-study teacher, closes with a spiritual thought. "There's a movie I think called 'Pay it Forward,' she said, "and that's what we want to do. We want to touch others, and have them touch others."

Cervetti hopes those she inspires will in-turn inspire many more.

Kay Cervetti's dream continues to grow. She is working on building a residential facility, much like the one in NBC's "Biggest Loser" program, where people can go and learn healthy habits for a week.

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