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Clean up at Wapsi State Park after river crested at 23 feet

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River levels across Eastern Iowa continue to fall after days of flooding. The Wapsi River level was down to about 19 feet today after the river crested at more than 23 feet over the weekend. 

Thanks to the levee system in Anamosa there wasn't much damage reported to homes or businesses, instead the the Wapsi State Park and Country Club saw most of the flooding in the area. 

Today parts of the Wapsi State Park were being cleaned up, after flood waters reached those areas. 

"Got at least to 4 to 5 feet of water back here in this area," said Iowa DNR Park Manager, Dennis Murphy as he cleaned up today after the river flooded into the park this weekend. 

The river crested to 23 feet Saturday evening, which is about eight feet above the flood stage. 

"So far I've counted three trees that have been uprooted due to the saturated ground, they finally just fell over. We got a playground here we've got to clean up and get ready to go," said Murphy. 

He said cleaning the grounds is important after flooding. "We have no idea what's in this water, we try to get it cleaned off as much as we can so when the kids come back in there, if they do have a scrap or something they don't get contaminated by what's left," said Murphy. 

The flooding not just affecting hikers but golfers too, as the Wapsipinicon Country Club had to close three of its holes during their Sunday golf tournament.  

"They played 18 holes but they played the top six, three times," said George Winkelmann an employee at the country club.  

Overall, homes and businesses in Anamosa were left untouched by the flood waters. That's thanks to the flood control measures that the city built up after the 2008 flood says Jones County Emergency Management Coordinator, Brenda Leonard, "Because of the levee's that Anamosa has put in place no critical infrastructure has been effected no houses have been effected."

Good news for Anamosa as Saturday's crest was only three feet lower than the record crest in 2008. 

Murphy said more areas of the park will be open later this week, but some roads will still be closed until the Iowa D.O.T. is able to come out and make some repairs. 

The Wapsi River level is expected to fall back below the flood stage of 14.5 feet on Thursday. To track those levels you can visit the National Weather Service's website here

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