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Bringing back memories and creating new ones at the Old Time Power Show

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Take a step into the past this weekend at the Old Time Power Show at Antique Acres in Cedar Falls.

For 54 years, the show has paid homage to the machinery that has changed farming immensely throughout the years. Dozens of tractors, steam engines and implements stand proudly in a row at Antique Acres. Most of the pieces hold special memories to their owners.

"They like to find their dad's tractor or relive their childhood or boyhood and keep the tractor the way they were," said Dick Carey, president of the John Deere Collectors Club.

To Carey finding the tractor that belonged to his father has been a mission.

"My dad bought a 630 brand new and I'm still looking for it. Can't find it. I think it got junked but I still have one and I love it,” he said.

While the search continues for him, others have found the tractor of their childhood.

“It's a 1940 'B' and she runs like a top,” said Michael Babinat, treasurer of the John Deere Collectors Club, as he spun the tractors flywheel to get it started.

Years ago, that John Deere Model "B" belonged to his father and said he never thought he would see it again.

"You sell off the farm and you don't know what's going to happen. I'm just glad it's still working,” Babinat said.

He said a man in Jesup had the tractor sitting in a barn. One day he was approached about taking possession of the vintage tractor and he said he agreed. Now being able to hear it run brings back childhood memories.

"This one here, we had a big buzz saw. Years ago everybody used wood so we were in the timbers a lot of Saturdays after school and making wood and taking it to the house for the winter time,” he said.

Even young kids are getting involved in the tradition. KWWL photographer Daniel Hampe got a ride on a 1913 Waterloo Boy, a model of tractor made in Waterloo, Iowa. That tractor was driven by a 13-year-old boy who has been working on tractors since he was six.

The Old Time Power Show continues until Sunday, August 19 at Antique Acres.

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