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Concussion insurance coming to Iowa high school athletes

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Concussion insurance is now being offered to Iowa high school student athletes. 

The state became the 7th in the country to offer HeadStrong concussion insurance. 

The Iowa High School Athletic Association teamed up with the Iowa Farm Bureau to offer the program which will help student athletes with the costs of concussion treatment. 

"If you have a significant concussion and you need a lot of follow-up and going back and referrals and some therapy and things like that it could be in the 10's of thousands of dollars," says Sandy Byard, Health Services Facilitator with the Cedar Rapids Community School District. 

You have to fill out an application but we are told no one is turned away. 

"It's zero deductible, zero co-pay, if you already have private health insurance it's a secondary plan so it would pay for the co-pay or your deductible if you had one. Or if you don't have any insurance at all it pays 100% of the coverage," says Byard. 

The program is for IHSAA sanctioned sports only, which for the most part doesn't include girls. 

The Iowa Farm Bureau explained on Facebook writing, "The coverage is for all students (boys and girls) in grades 9 – 12 practicing or playing interscholastic sports sanctioned by the Iowa High School Athletic Association, which includes the boys sports teams (and the girls who play on those boys teams, such as girls who wrestle or play football) and the cheerleaders for those boys sports teams. Girls high school sports teams are sanctioned through the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union, which doesn’t have a program at this time."

However we are told it's a great step in the right direction when it comes to concussions and their treatment. 

"This is definitely a step in the right direction with protecting students and making sure they get the appropriate medical care that they need," Byard says. 

To learn more about the program and how you can apply visit:

You can also find details on the program at:


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