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Safely storing fireworks after the celebration

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While fireworks can be fun, they can also be dangerous. It's important to remember that danger does not go away when they're being stored, so it's important to do so properly to keep yourself and your family and friends safe.

"Fireworks, obviously, are flammable so you want to keep them cool and dry,” said Luke Hardginski, site manager of Snap Fireworks in Waterloo.

This is the second year for legal fireworks sales in the state of Iowa, meaning stands and shops full of the brightly colored fireworks are everywhere.

While laws regulating fireworks vary city-to-city, Iowa state law prohibits their use after July 8 until the next window opens from December 10 to January 3. That leaves the question of what do you do with leftover fireworks?

Hardginski said storing your leftover fireworks can be simple as a plastic tote from the store.

"Keep them in like a plastic container that you can seal fairly well and move wherever you need to put it,” he said, “It's pretty easy to store."

Down the road at Crossroads Fireworrks, Luke Bartlett , one of four owners, said how they're stored matters so that they're ready to go when you're ready to celebrate again.

“They'll last forever so long as they're kept in a dry environment,” he said.

While high humidity for a short period of time won't damage a firework, prolonged exposure has potential to cause damage.

Both men said once the selling season is over, the fireworks are packed up and stored so they can be sold again later just as safe as they are today.

“We'll keep the air conditioner running and the moisture out of the air, so we're in good shape,” said Bartlett.

If you still want to set them off until the July 8 deadline and one of those fireworks fails to put on a show, they said it's important to keep a bucket of water or a hose nearby.

"Do not try to reignite it, just in case there is something that has not gone off yet and just wants to go off on its own,” said Hardginski, “Then you're supposed to just soak them in water to avoid any after effects."

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