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Business warns of spoofing scam

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A-1 Septic and Pumping Services in La Porte City wants to warn you about phone scammers using their phone number, while trying to scam people. 

As a result, they've been getting hundreds of returned calls. 

"These are all missed calls, and calls that I sent directly to voicemail," said Courtney Foulk, office manager.

They've fallen victim to a phone scam that's robocalling thousands, and leaving their number as the callback number. Wednesday they received 1,200 calls. Thursday they got another 1,400 calls, in addition to hundreds of voicemails and text messages.

"It does drive me crazy, I handle stress pretty well,  but having the phone constantly ringing, going off, nerve-wrecking, yeah."

The voice on the other end, is offering extended car warranties and options to pay student loans.

The spoofing has been affecting the small business.

"It's affecting us a little bit just because its taking me longer to call people back who actually need our services. I have to sort through the voicemails, figure out which ones are good leads, which ones aren't," Foulk said.

Fortunately, the calls have started to decrease.

Management reached out to the Attorney General's Office, who told them the only option is to change their number.  They said it appears the calls are originating from Iowa.

A-1 Septic and Pumping Services apologizes to anyone who has received one of the scam calls.

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