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Urban farming bringing community together in Dubuque

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Convivium Urban Farmstead in Dubuque is unlike any other organization you've heard of.

There's a coffee shop, restaurant and event space, all under one roof. The unique part are the outdoor gardens.

The owners Mike Muench and Leslie Shalabi, wanted to create a sense of unity in the North-End neighborhood.

"We decided to open a non-profit organization based on the idea of creating community around food because we believe most of the problems that we're having in the world are caused by a lack of connection," said Leslie Shalabi, co-founder.

Living right next door, they decided to bring urban farming to the community.

"We have this strawberry hedge here in the front., we have some really nice strawberries here, and the neighborhood kids like to come and eat these. We have rhubarb, we have a big raspberry patch there," added Shalabi.

There's a number of gardens with a variety of veggies, but when they ran out of space, neighbors invited them to use their own backyards. 

"The common bed is for the public, and we grow and tend the vegetables here, and then anyone is welcome to grow and pick what they need," Shalabi said.

It provides a source of vegetables for the public, at no cost. "Our long term and big, big vision is to have an entire farm in this whole area of town using people's back yards."

Everything grown in the gardens is used in the restaurant. They also have 25 chickens whose eggs will also be used for dishes.

Convivium Urban Farmstead is located at 2811 Jackson Street. It's open Tuesday through Sunday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

For more information, visit: https://www.convivium-dbq.com/

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