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Sen. Grassley opposes current farm bill

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Senator Chuck Grassley voted against the latest version of the farm bill because it lacked an amendment he proposed. 

"I was the single no vote because it doesn't do enough to put a hard cap on the amount of money one farmer can get from the farm program," said Grassley. 

Grassley's amendment focused on farm subsidies, a form of financial aid for farmers, but Grassley says some companies exploit the system by increasing the number of people who could get that money.

"If they put on managers then each one of those managers then qualifies for $250,000. That's wrong," said Grassley. 

The Environmental Working Group, a nonpartisan environmental organization, praised parts of the bill saying "the bill modestly tightens" restrictions on those subsidies, but agrees with Sen. Grassley that it doesn't guarantee the payments will go directly to farmers who actually live on the farm. 

While Sen. Grassley voted no, fellow Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst was happy with the "timely passage of the bill" and said that it was "critical in providing certainty to Iowa farmers."

Sen. Ernst assisted with several parts of the bill including further protection for farmers when a certain commodity's price may drop in market value.

The bill also includes legalization of industrial hemp, supporters saying many farmers across the country are curious if there is a market for the product. As for, food assistance benefits, the bill does a better job protecting the program compared to the house version of the farm bill that failed last month. 

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