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Net neutrality repeal takes effect, but fight is far from over

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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) order to roll back Obama-era net neutrality protections goes into effect. 

As you surf the internet today, you might not notice anything different, but now there are fewer rules governing how internet service providers can operate. 

The net neutrality protections prohibited internet providers from favoring or blocking access to particular products or websites. The FCC voted to repeal those protections in December, chairman Ajit Pai saying the rules were too heavy handed. 

Now that the repeal is in effect, broadband companies say they will still continue to uphold net neutrality principles. 

But net neutrality supporters are wary. Congress attempted to overturn the FCC repeal, passing with a bipartisan vote in the Senate in May. 

Now it rests in the House, which has until the end of the year to bring to a vote. Lawsuits that are challenging the net neutrality repeal are also underway and state governments are taking action, with more than half of the state in the country now exploring their own net neutrality legislation. 

Oregon and Washington have already passed net neutrality laws, with California close behind. Five governors have also issued executive orders that prohibit doing business with companies that violate net neutrality. However, the FCC's repeal order included a provision preempting states from creating their own net neutrality rules. This movement could lay the groundwork for a court battle over states' rights to  implement their own consumer protections. 

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