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Iowa Republican Chair reacts to final Democratic debate

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RPI Chairman Jeff Kaufmann released the following statement on the final Democrat debate tonight: (Wednesday, May 30)

“As expected, tonight served as a final coronation for Sir Frederick Hubbell to be the Democrat nominee, meaning Iowa will once again have an elitist, out of touch candidate at the top of the ticket. After a year of several candidates shouting and attacking Iowa’s successes, all Democrats have to show for in the race for Governor is Fred Hubbell - a candidate who is described as ‘quintessential Des Moines’ and whose main qualification to be Governor is the size of his checking account.

“What everyday Iowans heard tonight wasn’t a concrete vision for the state’s future; instead this debate was a throwback session on the failures of the past. We look forward to seeing how Prince Frederick tries to connect with blue collar, middle-class Iowans as Republicans prepare to run on our successful record this November.”

View the statement online here.

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