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Booze ban continues at Lake MacBride beach for second year in a row

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A booze ban is in effect at Lake MacBride beach in Solon for the second year in a row. 

Alcohol is not allowed on the beach or in the swimming area because of recurring problems and alcohol-related arrests. 

"Disorderly conduct, fighting, public intoxication and minors in the possession of alcohol," says Lake MacBride State Park Ranger Nick Rocca. 

There were more than 200 alcohol-related arrests at Lake MacBride over a five year period including public intoxication almost to the point of unconsciousness and large fights that caused injuries. 

An alcohol ban went into effect last year and we are told things at the beach improved. 

Signs throughout the area clearly state alcohol is forbidden and those signs are considered the warning, if people are caught with alcohol they will be issued a citation right away. 

Hundreds of people took to the beach for Memorial Day, we asked some of them what they think of the ban. 
"As far as beer I think we should, adults should be able to have a couple of drinks here," says Christina Dukes. 

Others say past experiences at the beach make them happy drinking is now forbidden. 

"I watched a young man who had obviously been drinking start harassing two underage girls and then he went to his cooler and gave them alcohol," says Jodie Sellers. 

"A lot of the alcohol is in glass bottles and I seen a lot of them broken on the beach and I'm like I don't want to be stepping in that, and I seen some fights on the beach, people arguing and stuff," Rocky Sellers told us. 

The idea behind the ban is to make the beach a safe and enjoyable place for everyone. 

"A family-friendly beach instead of having the more spring break atmosphere," says Rocca. 

At least two dozen people have been cited for having alcohol on the beach this holiday weekend. 
We are told the penalty is a Simple Misdemeanor fine.

Alcohol is allowed outside of the fenced in beach area, except for liquor.

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