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Update on baby Mckenna: "Wow, it’s been a really busy day!!"

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Posted by McKenna's family on the "Healing for McKenna" Facebook page. 

"Wow, it’s been a really busy day!! We got all moved and situated. We are still at the hospital, we just moved to a regular pediatric floor instead of being in the PICU. We are definitely going to miss ALL the staff from the PICU! They have been “family” to us since we got here. McKenna had to be 1-1 there so we got to know all her nurses very well. Today, they were all very sad to see us go. But don’t worry, we will be back up to visit everyone. We could not have asked for a better experience here.

McKenna did great today! She sounds sooo much better today with her breathing. She pretty much slept ALL day, so tonight should be very interesting. Here we can work on getting her days and nights back to normal because we can have it darker in her room and they won’t be bothering her as often anymore. It’s also going to be a peak of reality because her care is pretty much all up to us now (nurses still do her meds and all that stuff, but we can be more involved with her baby care needs now that she isn’t hooked up to everything). This is going to help us transition into the life we are going to experience going back home.

She is still hooked up to the EEG and will be until they wean her off the phenobarbital. She is currently taking it every 12 hours. There is word of them switching it to once a day tomorrow if everything still looks good. But, nuro will determine all of that in the morning. Today marks one week since her last seizure.

Our next part of this journey is going to be therapy. Getting her strength back and working on anything she needs help with from the accident. Also, we will work on feeding. She will have a swallow study some time this week, and we will see if we can get her off the keto diet and back to taking breast milk. Once she handles that ok, we can work on possibly going back to breastfeeding again!!!!

She has come sooo far in just the 3 days of getting her off the vent! Today, she seemed like a whole new baby to me from just yesterday!!! I can’t wait to continue to see how she blows our minds with the progress she is making!

Much love from ALL of our family, ??-Kassy"

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