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Meet the libertarian gubernatorial candidates

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The June 5th primary election is coming up and it's the first one that will include the Libertarian Party, which is now recognized as an official party by the state. 

Marco Battaglia and Jake Porter are the two Libertarian candidates running for governor. 

Battaglia says when it comes to personal freedoms libertarians tend to agree with democrats, but they agree with republicans on other things. 

"If it's something in terms of someone's pocket book or you know paying an unfair tax burden whether you're rich or poor, anyone across the spectrum we tend to agree with some of the more principled candidates from the republican party," Battaglia told us. 

"Democrats tend to believe in more personal freedoms but fewer economic freedoms. Republicans tend to believe in more economic freedoms but fewer personal freedoms. Whereas Libertarians believe in maximum personal and economic freedoms," says Porter. 

The two agree on many issues including the belief privatized medicaid is no good and that Iowa should not set a mandatory statewide minimum wage. 

"I think we'd be better off without a minimum wage," Battaglia says. 

"Our rural and urban areas are completely different and I don't think we can ignore that reality," says Porter. 

One of the issues Porter finds most important is restoring voting rights for felons. 

"There's about 25,000 Iowans right now that have paid for their crimes, served their time but do not have their voting rights restored for example. That's something that the governor could do day one, that's something that would be the first thing I would do," he says. 

Meanwhile Battaglia is vouching for what he calls, medical freedom. 

"Allowing people to use any number of things but a popular one is marijuana and cannabis. If that's helping a family help their kid from having seizures or any number of things we just want to get the government out of actually being a barrier to that," he tells us. 

It will now be up to libertarian voters to decide which candidate they want to represent them come November. 

There are around 10,000 registered libertarians in Iowa.



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