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Nearly 1,000 drivers cited for speeding

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Eastern Iowa police are using more hand-held speed cameras after rolling out their first Dragon camera last fall.

It's happening in Waterloo.

The camera takes a picture of the vehicle and license plate number if a driver is caught speeding, and then the registered owner will get a ticket in the mail.

Waterloo police only issued warnings when they first rolled out the new speed camera back in November.

Right now, nearly 10 police officers are fully trained, and they're using all three hand-held speed (Dragon) cameras.

In fact, Waterloo Police Sergeant Andrew Clark worked with Sergeant Robert Greenlee to roll out the cameras last fall, and he said they've cited nearly 1,000 drivers so far for speeding.

More than 300 drivers were issued warnings.

Sergeant Clark said some people have been upset about the new speed cameras, but most people think they're great.

"Myself, I've probably heard more people thanking us for getting out in some of these locations where even the public knows there's problems, and so those are the areas we try to target the most," Sergeant Clark said.

Sergeant Clark said he was able to catch 12 drivers speeding in 20 minutes on Thursday.

He says it's a lot more efficient for police officers to use these hand-held cameras to catch people speeding than having to pull them over, get their information, and issue a ticket.

He says plans are in the works to train more police officers down the road.

Sergeant Clark said most people caught speeding will get a nearly $50 ticket in the mail.

However, that amount depends on how fast drivers are traveling.

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