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Update on baby hit by softball: "McKenna had a great day!"

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                 Posted on the Healing for McKenna Facebook page. 

QUICK EVENING UPDATE 05/20/18: McKenna had a great day! No more seizures since last night. We did get confirmation that they were in fact seizures and not just the activity they had been seeing earlier this week. Neuro feels confident that it was because of her being stimulated by the extubation and reintubation yesterday morning.

She was up quite a bit today with her eyes wide open and seems to definitely be more aware. With that awareness comes some discomfort with the tube and she was doing some coughing and grimacing. If she seems to get increasingly uncomfortable they may give her something to relax her a little. She is moving her legs quite a bit, as well as having bowel movements.

The doctors took her off the Bumex, which was for the fluid positivity and have been satisfied with her urine output. McKenna has made some really big strides this week and the staff are encouraged by her progress.

It sounds like they may try to extubate her again in the morning, depending upon how she does with her Spontaneous Breathing Trial at 4:00 a.m. CST. They feel confident that the upper airway collapse she experienced yesterday was just from the tubing irritating her. She still has a leak, which is space around the tube in her airway and she is moving plenty of air. McKenna has been consistently breathing over the vent, so these are all positive signs that she is probably ready to try again. We will keep you posted! We will need our prayer warriors on stand by if they should try to extubate tomorrow, but it will probably be mid-morning or so. The sooner we can get her off the vent, the better it is for her.Thank you all so much again for your continued prayers! McKenna really did have a wonderful day today! After yesterday, it was certainly a relief! And if you're American Idol fans... McKenna's favorite idol and the girl from her Daddy's hometown is Maddie Poppe. McKenna says: "Vote for Maddie!" ??See you all in the morning! ?? - Laura

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