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10...20...30...60 minutes go by, and still there's a train.

Do you ever feel that a halted train is halting you from your daily routine? You are not alone.

Trains are very important to Iowa, especially in the city of Waterloo, but long trains continue to block intersections for extended periods of time. Some sit for hours at a time.

We spoke with city officials, business owners and drivers who all agree...the trains are a problem. 

In fact this week, two Iowa women who lost limbs when they were struck while trying to climb through trains that were blocking the road sued the railroad for allegedly ignoring a safety hazard that's left a trail of horrific injuries.

The lawsuits filed in state court allege that trains operated by the Canadian National Railway and its subsidiaries routinely block street crossings in Waterloo. They say this leaves pedestrians trapped and facing bad options on a daily basis: wait for the trains to move, walk to an unblocked crossing that can be more than a mile away, or risk crossing between stopped cars that can start moving without warning.

So why is nothing being done? 

KWWL's Lauren Moss has been digging deeper into this problem, specifically investigating why the trains are going against city ordinance and blocking intersections for more than ten minutes. Tune in for her special report, tonight on the KWWL News at 10. 

More details on the lawsuits here: http://www.kwwl.com/story/38220212/2018/05/Thursday/amputees-sue-railroad-in-iowa-saying-it-creates-danger

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