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Group working to capture collared squirrels

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People in one eastern Iowa neighborhood are noticing a new problem.

They're seeing and hearing squirrels with collars and bells.

Cellphone video shows squirrels roaming the Byron neighborhood in Waterloo.

People say it looks like someone put collars with bells on at least three squirrels.

It looks like someone tried making the squirrels their pets, and right now the Black Hawk Wildlife Rehabilitation Project set out traps to try and capture the squirrels.

When they get them, they plan to take off the collars and bells and release them back to the neighborhood.

The group in charge of the effort says they've been hearing from people in the neighborhood the last few weeks, and they were just as stunned as everyone else.

"Well, when I first listened to her voice message, I thought, 'I didn't hear that right.' There aren't really squirrels with collars and bells on, and so I listened to it again, and  I thought, 'Yeah, that's exactly what she said.' So, I thought, well let's go with it and see what we can do to help them out," Black Hawk Wildlife Rehab Project Director, Terese Evans, said.

Evans said they first heard about the problem a few weeks ago from people a few blocks away.

They say, they're concerned the collars could get caught on something, or it could strangle the squirrels as they get older and bigger.

According to the DNR, getting caught with a wild animal in your possession is against the law.

That's something you would need a permit for, and you can face a $200 fine if you get caught.

According to people with the group, they've never heard of a problem like this.

If you notice something like this in your neighborhood, you can reach out to the Black Hawk Wildlife Rehab Project on social media or call 319- 277-6511.

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