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Search for Jake brings in National Guard helicopter

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Eyes in the sky. Another tool in the ongoing search for Jake Wilson.  An Iowa Army National Guard Aviation Chinook helicopter focused on the Wolf Creek area around La Porte City Wednesday.  

The teenager with autism has been missing since the night of April 7, when he told his family he was going to walk to the creek. He never returned home.

La Porte City Police Chief, Chris Brecher, explains how law enforcement used the Chinook in the Wednesday search.

Brecher writes, Today, along with our current heavy equipment operation we utilized the Iowa National Guard during one of their training missions.

We were able to use a CS 47 to hover over the water, causing a disturbance in Wolf Creek from the down pressure created by the helicopter.

This had the potential to move things around enough to possibly free up an object under the water.

We have two teams of three kayaks making their way down the creek at this time to see if this yielded any immediate results.

While in the air it was interesting to see just how much our excavator was pulling out of the water.

Most of the creek that has been covered so far, is lined with piles of large trees and branches that have been causing us all of our headaches.

We are nearing a spot in the water where the Cedar River is not allowing Wolf Creek to lower much. We expect that by Monday we will be able to get back into the water with our equipment and know that things aren’t getting missed.

We are very pleased with the progress that has been made thus far and look forward to this project bringing us all the closure that everyone is wanting.

Due to safety concerns with how low we were operating, we wished to keep this out of the public eye until we started the operation.

After today’s fly over mission, it was discovered that the areas that the Cedar River had flooded, remain flooded.

At this time we will be holding off on public foot searches.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me and I would gladly answer your questions. Again thank you for your patience with this investigation and keeping Jake's name in the front light.  That statement from La Porte City Police Chief Chris Brecher.

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