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Grassley: Transcripts show no collusion

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Thousands of newly-released documents show Donald Trump Jr. didn't think there was anything wrong with meeting with Russians ahead of the 2016 Presidential campaign.

He also said he didn't tell his father about the meeting.

However, democrats argue there's likely more to the story.

Donald Trump Junior's testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee is now public, and it's under scrutiny.

Trump Jr. said he was candid and forthright with the committee.

He testified he was promised dirt on candidate Hillary Clinton, but he got very little information during the meeting.

Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and Iowa (R) Senator Chuck Grassley said he hasn't seen any signs of collusion.

"No evidence of it at this point. There is plenty of evidence of Russia in various ways, a multitude of ways trying to influence opinion in America and maybe trying to get people to think Trump is better than Clinton, but there's even some things out there that's even pro-Clinton," Senator Grassley said.

Trump Junior said he doesn't remember discussing the Russia investigation with this father.

He also said, he doesn't recall several emails and phone calls leading up to the meeting.

Today, the Senate Judiciary Committee also heard from Cambridge Analytica whistle-blower, Christopher Wylie.

He testified, Facebook knew about the date breach back in 2015 and threatened a lawsuit to keep it quiet.

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