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GPS leads Iowa drivers down a muddy, impassable path

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Mount Vernon -

Police in eastern Iowa are coming across a murky, muddy and messy situation. Some drivers are getting stuck at what's becoming quite an infamous local spot, and they say it's their GPS leading them to it.

Mount Vernon Police have reported to Bryant Road three times in three weeks for cars reportedly stuck in its path. The road is classified as a Level B, a low-maintenance service road. Police say it's a road most cars cannot pass through.

For drivers heading out of or into Mount Vernon, Apple Maps on their iPhone may suggest taking that road. While the first stretch looks rough, it's manageable but then the directions take drivers into a grassy and muddy nightmare that doesn't resemble much of a road at all.

"The road itself turns. It's essentially impassable once you get to that corner," said Mount Vernon Police Officer, Todd Gehrke.

Gehrke has been the reporting officer to the calls where cars didn't turn around and instead kept going.

"You could, potentially through GPS, look at that and say 'it's a road that directly goes into Mt. Vernon might be a little quicker, cut off time.' But clearly it doesn't cut off any time," he said.

The stuck drivers had to have their cars towed from the path. It's a long and expensive towing process, according to the department. 

The police department issued a warning to drivers when it comes to using a GPS device, to also use your gut.

"If the GPS is taking you to a place that it doesn't look like you should go, trust your brain versus the electronic device," Gehrke said. "If it looks like it's probably impassable, it probably is."

Police have reported the roadway to Google Maps to hopefully stop devices from encouraging drivers to take the road. Gehrke said the city is also considering putting up more signage to warn drivers.

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