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Riverside mother found guilty on Child Endangerment charge

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UPDATE: Ambrashia Chrzan has been found guilty of Child Endangerment resulting in the death of her 17-month-old daughter. Sentencing is set for July. 


UPDATE: Closing arguments are underway in Ambrashia Chrzan's trial. 

Chrzan is being charged with Child Endangerment resulting in the death of her 17-month-old daughter who weighed just 11 pounds at the time of her autopsy. 

After closing arguments the jury will begin their deliberations. 

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UPDATE: The state continued to call witnesses to testify against Ambrashia Chrzan Thursday, including her own mother.

During cross examination the defense asked, "Occasionally you and your 27-year-old daughter got into conflicts about her parenting?" 

Chrzan's mother replied "yes."

We also heard from the special agent who conducted Chrzan's interview for the DCI.        

He testified that Chrzan lied to him several times during that interview including telling him she couldn't take Avery to a medical appointment because of a work conflict. 

The first witness for the defense was Avery's social worker with DHS, who along with the department recommended her case be dropped sending her from foster care to live with her parents. 

"If we felt she was unsafe, correct, we would have made a different recommendation," she said. 

Things got heated during cross examination as the state pointed out DHS never asked to see Avery's medical records before dropping her case. 

We later heard from Chrzan herself who admitted to missing medical appointments, but she said she didn't know they were critical to Avery's health. 

"She was thin but I had no concerns as far as like life-threatening concerns. She was an active baby, she was alert she just wouldn't gain weight," Chrzan said. 

Both the state and defense rested today, tomorrow they will give their closing statements before the jury begins their deliberations. 


UPDATE: The state continues to pull witnesses this morning in the trial of Ambrashia Chrzan. 

A nurse is testifying right now. 

Stay with KWWL as we continue to cover this trial. 


UPDATE: The state called several witnesses today in the trial of Ambrashia Chrzan, who is accused of Child Endangerment resulting in the death of her daughter. 

"This trial is about the defendant not feeding Avery McCoy enough food," said Washington County Attorney John Gish. 

Avery was born premature, weighing just four pounds; two weeks later, she went straight from the hospital to live with foster parent Jean Zook. 

"She would reach for our faces, reach for our hands, smiling, cooing, giggling. She was a very happy baby," Zook testified. 

She said Avery gained 10 pounds in the six months under her care, but she said DHS gave Avery back to her mother after that. 

The prosecution argues that's when things went downhill. 

We also heard from Avery's doctor who said he was concerned about her weight, so he referred her to a specialist in Iowa City. 

The Prosecution claims Chrzan never brought Avery to those appointments. 

Washington County Investigator Chad Ellis also testified; he examined Avery at the scene and took photos which were shown in the courtroom. 

"I observed in the back of the QRS rig a very small child dressed with a diaper, a shirt and a pink jacket," he said. 

The prosecutions asked if there was a dry substance on Avery's face. 

"Yes there was some type of dry substance on her face," Ellis said. 

The doctor who did Avery's autopsy testified he found several injuries on her body and her toxicology report was positive for nicotine, but he says that's not what killed her. 

The defense attorney told the jury in his opening statement there is no evidence to explain why Avery died.

"The evidence will not show you why Avery McCoy died, because nobody knows," he said. 

Witnesses were cross examined today but the defense has not had the chance to call their own witnesses yet. 

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UPDATE: Opening statements are about to begin in Ambrashia Chrzan's trial. 

This comes after a full day of jury selection wrapped up Tuesday afternoon. 

Chrzan is being charged with Child Endangerment resulting in the death of her daughter. 

Stay with KWWL for coverage throughout the trial. 


ORIGINAL STORY: Jury selection started this morning at the Washington County Courthouse for the trial of Ambrashia Chrzan. 

Chrzan of Riverside is being charged with Child Endangerment resulting in the death of her 17-month-old girl. 

The child was found unresponsive in her crib in November of 2016. 

According to the autopsy she died of malnutrition and neglect. 

At almost a-year-and-a-half old she weighed just 11 pounds during the autopsy. 

Chrzan faces up to 50 years in prison if she is convicted. 

The child's father Anthony McCoy is also being charged in her death, he will go to trial in June. 

Stay with KWWL for details throughout the Chrzan trial. 

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