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Update on baby hit by softball: "Kassy got a wonderful Mother's Day present today"

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We are continuing to follow the recovery of a baby who was hit in the head with a softball during a game in Waverly last week.

Family members posted on the "Healing for McKenna" Facebook page saying, "Kassy got a wonderful Mother's Day present today! She was able to hold McKenna for the first time in ten days! God is so good! The nurses also presented her with a picture! Mayo Clinic is really top-notch! This has just made a really hard day for Kassy, as great as it could possibly be!"

An update on baby McKenna reads: 

"Morning Update 05/13/2018: Happy Mother's Day everyone! Today drives home more than ever the importance of our children and their mothers. The little ones that call us "Momma", those that are with us and those that are not... For the littles that are fighting so hard in hospitals across the world and for the mommies that are too. Happy Mother's Day to all of you! ?

The good news from yesterday is that her cranial ultra sound came back clear! There was some concern about damage or clotting near the fracture site, since there is a major artery that runs near it. So, praise God for answered prayers and some very much needed good news!

Kassy and Lee are moved into the Ronald McDonald house, so that is a blessing for them to have a place to sleep uninterrupted or decompress when they need to. Last night McKenna's heart rate kept dropping, so they gave her some more Albumin and she responded well to it. They are watching her heart rate very closely. They may need to do an intervention. It’s just from the high level of sedation that she is on. As you may have noticed in the picture yesterday, McKenna is gaining some fluid back, as well. All these things that take time to work on, but they can’t do much until we can get her off the high level of Versed.

There's nothing really changing today. The doctors still don't want to wean McKenna's meds today and are still trying to keep her heart rate and blood pressure up, so she received another round of Albumin in addition to the one she received last night. The x-ray did look a little cloudy, so getting another sputum culture to keep an eye on what's developing in her lungs. They will implement some more changes to the Ketone Diet since she is still testing negative for ketones. They did have to bag her again this morning when they moved her, but she came right back up. Again, they reassure us that this is just due to the high level of Versed that she's taking.

As I was typing this, the official EEG results came in. Kassy has received a great Mother's Day present! The doctors say it’s looking BETTER!!!! She is still having “small bursts of activity” but they are “slowing down”. YAY for McKenna!!! However, they still won't be weaning meds today since they don’t want to push it. As long as she stays stable we will address that tomorrow. As always, we are taking one tiny step at a time and learning with each day that passes to be content with that.

One more thing before I sign off until we have more news... I cannot tell you how overwhelmed Kassy, Lee, and our family has been at all the comments on our Map for McKenna yesterday! WOW! Just wow! Going through all the comments is going to keep me busy for a while! We really truly had no idea that our girl has the love and prayers of so many! You may say that McKenna and our story has touched you... Well, I'm here to tell you that ALL OF YOU are touching us in a way that we cannot begin to put into words - and people who know me personally will tell you that that doesn't happen to me very often. Yesterday left me with tears in my eyes and just shaking my head in wonder. It has restored and uplifted our faith in so many ways! In a world that is so full of arguing and hate and apathy... You have shown us all that good is still out there and when we all come together with messages of prayer, love and hope, we can provide a each other with a rainbow through a storm. Our love to each and every one of you! And again, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! ? - Laura"

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