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Family reacts to storm damage at Angels Park

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An eastern Iowa community is coming together and reviewing the damage at Angels Park in Evansdale.

Angels Park is dedicated to helping people relax and mourn the loss of the people they've lost through the years.

Neighbors believe lightning damaged one of the memorial sites, and it caused quite the costly mess.

Drew Collins and his family reviewed the damage the weather likely caused earlier this week at Angels Park.

Right now, pieces of cement and dirt are littered across the memorials that are dedicated to people the community lost over the years, including Elizabeth Collins and Lyric Cook.

They were both kidnapped and murdered in 2012.

Elizabeth's father, Drew Collins, is reacting to the damage, "at first, I thought maybe it got damaged while they were starting the bridge or something like that, but it's pretty obvious what happened."

According to people living nearby, they heard a loud bang Wednesday morning, and they assume lightning caused all the damage.

"It's not a real big deal. We can rebuild it. To me, it's just that stuff happens, and you've just got to deal with it. So, we'll figure out what needs to be replaced, and we'll just fix it," Drew said.

Collins said the goal now is to clean up the area over the next few weeks, repair the concrete, and reopen the space by the time the nearby bridge opens in September.

"They say, lightning doesn't strike the same place twice. So, we're going to fix it and keep our fingers crossed, and I think we'll be Okay," Collins said.

Right now, Drew said they're more concerned about finding Jake Wilson of La Porte City than fixing the space at Angels Park.

Collins believes the weather caused at least $3,000 in damage to memorial space.

If you'd like to help with the cause, you can write a check to First Security Bank in Evansdale, and make it out to the Angels Memorial.

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