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Dad shares son's letter for his missing La Porte City brother

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The dad of missing La Porte City teen Jake Wilson gave KWWL permission to share this. 

He posted to Facebook, sharing a letter his son wrote for his missing brother. 

In the post, Jake's dad says, "We all miss you so much Jake and we love you so much!!!"

Here is the letter Jake's brother wrote: 

Dear Jake Wilson:

I am missing you so much Jake you don’t even know well I hope you do. We all miss you. I miss the old days that were the best days. Like at the old house in the country where you would want me to come with you across the road and and I wouldn’t say treasure hunt but you call it treasure witch was the best because anything you would find whether it’s like a sheet of metal or glass. You would bring that home and show everyone and we say Jake that’s junk. He would say no It’s my treasure and keep it in his room.Or he would find bones and think it was off a moose or some kind of animal that doesn’t live in Iowa. I remember when our Step Dad Jeremy would take us out in the cornfield and you would make noises and try to scare us and laugh. And then you tried going over the barbed wire fence and cut yourself and thought you needed to go to the hospital. I miss you waking me up in the morning with your music on purpose and I’d come in and say Jake turn it down. He did turn it down but when I walked back in my room he would go back to turn it back up to annoy me. You loved to annoy me no matter what. You would always go and pick peppers out of the garden and help make salsa out of them. I remember when you would love to show me what your doing on your Xbox. When you were bored with your gaming you would go out to the tire swing and hum your music that you would reply over and over. And you loved your brownies whenever I would take the last one you would get upset so I felt bad and I would give you football cards. Mostly the Chicago bears. Even when your not upset, once in awhile you would come in my room and ask for cards. When we moved into our new house, witch he hated because he missed all the animals and chickens and even Max our dog, but you would still love your music and games oh and waking me up in the morning. I started to hang out with my friends more and you would love to come walk around or go with us. We went to tooties and mom would give you like five bucks and you would order something that was 6. We laughed and tried correcting you and you finally got it. I am really happy for all the friends you had in high school or middle school they also made sure you felt welcomed here and happy. Like Bryan who was one of your best friends. When Bryan was in Florida he would call you and see what your doing and that your okay. He moved back and Bryan would come over and you would show him everything witch made my heart happy. You would also always go to grandma and grandpa's house and always made grandma cook for you and mess with her witch was hilarious. I wish I would take the time to do stuff with you Jake like going fishing or playing Yahtzee. I feel like I didn’t do much of that but when you come back I plan on going fishing with you and spending most of my time with you and even help you with homework. Come home Jake. Where all praying that your safe and nothing bad has happened to you. Everyone misses you.

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