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Cedar River begins to crest in Waterloo and Cedar Falls

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Parts of eastern Iowa are seeing some flooding this weekend. Flood waters making their way into parts Cedar Falls as the Cedar River spilled out of its banks.

In Waterloo the Cedar River is experiencing minor flooding, while upstream in Cedar Falls the flood waters were a little bit higher Sunday, but will begin to drop Monday morning. Many people in the area are thankful, flooding wasn't worse.

"Thank goodness it's not coming up any higher," said Tom Giberson, Cedar Falls.

In Cedar Falls, the Cedar River was spilling on to roads, parks and people's yards. A sign greeted drivers with "Turn Around Don't Drown" at the entrance of Cottage Row.

Flood water washed over Cottage Row Road, making it unrecognizable. Near downtown Cedar Falls, the river was creeping out of its banks, swelling to nearly the bottom of the rail road bridge.

Homeowners nearby say they are accustomed to the ever changing Cedar.

"Well the water is about cresting right now so it's not going to get much higher, this happens a couple times a year normally," said Giberson.

Giberson says he watched the flood water inch closer to his yard for a few days, but luckily it didn't cause any damage.

"Not this time, another foot, that campsite is under water," said Giberson.

The Cedar River at Cedar Falls reached its highest level Sunday and is set to fall starting Monday morning. Giberson says he is thankful the Cedar only leaked into his yard and didn't do the damage he's seen during past floods.

"We are done, the danger is over, we can party and play now," said Giberson.

Eastern Iowans know how damaging flood water can be and Giberson says he is hopeful this is the worst flooding he will see this year.

As a reminder the Cedar River at Cedar Falls and Waterloo is expected to begin to drop tomorrow. The Mississippi River in Dubuque is expected to stay in moderate flood stage through the next week.

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