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Cedar Rapids, Iowa DOT react to court ruling over speed cameras

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The Iowa Supreme Court has ruled the Department of Transportation doesn't have authority to regulate city speed cameras. 

In 2015 the DOT told the City of Cedar Rapids they needed to remove or relocate certain cameras. 

The city disagreed and continued to run their cameras and collect ticket revenue until last spring. 

The DOT wanted cameras moved that were withing 1,000 ft. of a speed limit change. 

Cedar Rapids stopped sending out speed camera citations last May amid the controversy but they have been continuing to run their cameras to collect data on speeding. 

A state judge had ruled in favor of the DOT last year but all three cities involved (Cedar Rapids, Des Moines and Muscatine) appealed that ruling taking the decision to the Iowa Supreme Court. 

Cedar Rapids Police Chief Wayne Jerman says, "The City of Cedar Rapids has received the Iowa Supreme Court decision and is currently reviewing the ruling.  We believe that Automated Traffic Enforcement is an effective law enforcement tool that has been proven to reduce serious injury and fatal crashes in our community.  Speeding – exceeding a speed limit or driving too fast for conditions – is one of the most common factors in motor vehicle crashes.  Last year, the National Transportation Safety Board stated, “Automated speed enforcement is an effective countermeasure to reduce speeding-related crashes, fatalities, and injuries.”   We concur with the NTSB’s safety study regarding Automated Traffic Enforcement."

Meanwhile the DOT tells us, 
"We respect and uphold the courts decision. The decision places in the hands of the legislature to decide how they want to proceed with automated traffic enforcement. Cities have the right to proceed with using the cameras moving forward if they choose to. We will no longer require municipalities to report to the  Iowa DOT regarding cameras on the primary highway system and will not govern their implementation based on safety concerns. However a permit must be obtained from the DOT if a camera is going to be installed on a DOT bridge subject to our usual right of way procedures."

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