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Cedar Rapids oiling canada geese eggs

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The city of Cedar Rapids is trying a different method to reduce their canada geese overpopulation problem by oiling eggs with corn oil. 

Around Cedar Rapids the sight and sound of canada geese is the norm. However, the city and Department of Natural Resources wants to cut back on the more than 2,000 canada geese that make their home in Cedar Rapids. 

That's where oiling the eggs comes in. The oil cuts off oxygen to the embryo, during the early stages, so they never hatch. 

Brent Neighbor the parks maintenance supervisor who got trained and licensed by the DNR to oil geese eggs. Neighbor says, "This is part of the management plan that we've been working with with the DNR. There are certain steps that you have to take to get to this point and that has included the vegetation management, the harassment, the goose roundups that we're done in the past."

These tactics working for a time, but now the city is looking for a more long term solution. That's because the geese imprint on the place they were born, meaning they will always return to their 'home'. 

Neighbor says, "Some do leave for the winter, when they come back, they come back to Cedar Rapids and do that is the reason why  we started doing this." 

The geese can often times be found next to first street NW near downtown, sometimes jumping into traffic and even causing accidents. Neighbor says they're not only a public safety concern but also a health concern, fouling public trails with feces.

"We get slips, trips, and falls because of that. Not to mention the health issues associated with feces on public grounds," says Neighbor.  

Neighbor adding the city wants to try to minimize harm for geese and humans alike. 

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