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Digging Deeper: Principal shows KWWL concerns with Cedar Falls High School building

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The Cedar Falls School District has been pushing for construction of a new high school building.

It's an issue the community has voted on several times in the past, but it has yet to be approved. 

With the crazy weather over the winter, several parents reached out to KWWL because they were concerned about the school's heating and cooling system. 

So, KWWL met with the Cedar Falls High School principal to see what issues they are having with the current building. 

Principal Jason Wedgbury says the school first opened its doors back in the 1950s. 

It's been an important part of the community, but he says the building's becoming, "outdated and inefficient."

For example, he says they have problems with the heating and cooling systems not working. 

"We had our heating system go down in the winter months. We had multiple space heaters in various areas of the building. We did have students that were wearing coats, hats, mittens, gloves, or whatever, just trying to stay warm," Wedgbury says. 

He adds, "You can walk into other various areas. We'll have floors that get wet. You'll see signs that say slick floors. You'll see areas where the building is sweating in some way, shape, or form." 

The principal also pointed out that the cafeteria is underground, and it doesn't have any windows. He says there are also inefficient elevators, and there's not a lot of room for teachers to meet and collaborate.

The building has been added onto multiple times, so there are a lot of different entrances and exits. Safety has also become a recent concern that the school has been looking into. 

The principal says if you step outside, "Parking is also an issue. It's not the easiest job in the world, trying to find a free parking space." The school is surrounded by houses, so there isn't a lot of room to widen the parking lot. 

The Cedar Falls School District says there is land west of the UNI soccer fields that they own. They hope to possibly one day build a new high school there. 

They are currently working on possible designs for what the layout of what the new high school might look like. 

The Cedar Falls High School says they're hoping to have a public meeting,so they can get community input and feedback on those designs. They're hoping to do that sometime in the near future.

Again, this is a topic that is heavily debated in the Cedar Falls community. This has been a bond issue that has been voted on in the past, but it has failed. 

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