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Police warn against warm weather thieves

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Open garage doors, unlocked cars, and unattended property.

Police say these are all ways to fall victim to a crime of opportunity. 

Last year the month of May had the highest number of burglary cases in Waterloo. Major Leibold with the Waterloo Police Department tells KWWL that most of these crimes are crimes of opportunity. Police say there are some tips they recommend to help keep people safe. One of those is you should shut and lock your garage while out mowing your lawn. Another is you should put away any bikes, or any other outdoor equipment, right away. 

"People have a tendency to be working in the yard tend to think that their houses are secure. Next thing they know they're mowing the back yard and the front is open, so they just come on in and get back out. Most burglars take advantage of the opportunity of easy access, they don't want to make noise. They don't want to break a window, they want to be able to slip in and slip out," says Major Leibold. 

Leibold went on to say that generally thieves avoid houses where they think someone is home. If you plan on leaving when a window is open, they suggest you leave a light on, as well as a TV or radio on; anything to give the illusion that someone is home. 

Waterloo police also say one of the biggest theft deterrents are camera and security systems, which can help catch a thief if a crime occurs.

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