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Learn more about what to do if you're caught in your car or mobile home during a storm

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If you're trapped in a car during a severe thunderstorm, safely pull off the side of the road and out of traffic lanes. Stay in your car. Turn on hazard lights, keep windows up and try to avoid touching anything metal. Do not seek shelter under overpasses or underpasses. Overpasses can create a funneling effect where the wind will actually increase. Debris can fly in between the bridge and road and hit you or your car. The increase of wind speed can also blow people out from under the bridge. 

During intense downpours, an underpass can fill with water quickly and lead to flash flooding. Only a foot of water can float a car. 
If you're trapped in your car during a tornado warning and do NOT have time to seek shelter in a sturdy structure, stay in your car. Keep your seatbelt on. Crouch down into your car and find something to cover your head. 

What do you do if you're in a mobile home? Get out! A mobile home is not a safe spot to be in during a tornado. If you cannot get to a safe structure, it is better for you to take shelter in your car or ditch then to stay in a mobile home.

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