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Water search renewed in efforts to #BringJakeHome

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Efforts to find a missing Iowa teen with autism focus back to the water.

Jake Wilson from La Porte City has been missing for nearly two weeks. 

Jake left his home 13 days ago, saying he was walking to nearby Wolf Creek.  Now investigators say they will make another sweep of the water.

Starting Saturday, search teams will once again comb the six-mile stretch of the creek from La Porte City to the Cedar River.

In day one, Black Hawk County Sheriff Tony Thompson and La Porte City Police Chief Chris Brecher promised to leave no stone unturned.

This weekend, investigators and search teams will continue to work towards making good on that promise.

 "We are getting close to the point that we can either rule the creek out as our culprit or not," said Chief Brecher.

Snowmelt from Wednesday's storm has raised the water levels and possibly shifted things in the water.

"Over the weekend, we are going to be bringing in some more teams to clear the water once more. We are going to have some boat assets coming forward with sonar again. We are working on getting K9s back in the area to get them up and down the creek bank to see if there is anything they will indicate on," explained Chief Brecher.

Last Saturday, investigators said they were 80 to 90 percent sure Jake wasn't in the murky waters. This weekend, they will work to close that gap.

"While it is frustrating to have to admit that our investigation is not developing huge or important leads, it is just as validating to know that everything is continuing to point towards what we originally thought it was when we first started searching on Saturday evening until about 1:30 in the morning," said Sheriff Tony Thompson.

While law enforcement continues to search, the people of La Porte City continue to rally with signs of support, countless missing posters, and now blue ribbons for autism awareness and Jake's favorite color, lining Main Street and the street Jake calls home.

"We are praying and hoping, just as hard as we can from day one. We are not going to quit looking; we're not," said Shelly Hopkins of La Porte City.

The city continuing to remain optimistic, and Sheriff Thompson says the family is doing the same, keeping busy by handing out hundreds of fliers with Jake's information on them.

Investigators continue to look at all possibilities.  They are still asking anyone with photos from Saturday, April 7th to upload them to www.fbi.gov/laportecityiowa.

If you have any information on Jake, law enforcement is asking people to call the La Porte City Police Department at 319-342-2232 or the Black Hawk County Sheriff's Office at 319-291-2515.

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