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"Worst day of my life": Son remembers day mother killed by clown

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A eastern Iowa man feels relief after a woman is arrested for possibly killing his mother 27 years ago. In September, Sheila Keen Warren was arrested and accused of shooting and killing another woman in Florida in 1990. 

Police say she was dressed as a clown at the time. 

The victim Marlene Warren lived in Wellington, Florida when she was murdered. Her son Joesph Ahrens currently lives Cedar Falls.

Arhens says he moved to Cedar Falls a few years after his mother's murder to get a fresh start and to raise his children. He opened Ahrens Construction and made a life for himself, but every day he wondered, who did it?

"I was trying to grieve, but I couldn't grieve because there was no closure in the case, which made me believe there's this killer still out there," said Ahrens, Cedar Falls. 

Ahrens say he clung to the words one detective promised him decades ago.

"He said, 'Joe, it might take us 20 or 25 years, but we are going to catch the person who did this'," remembered Ahrens.

Nearly 30 years later, Ahrens is finally getting some answers.

"It's been hell and hopefully it gets better," said Ahrens.

Ahrens says he remembers the day his mother was killed.

"I was there, yes I was, and it was one of the worst days of my life," said Ahrens. "The morning, I do remember, we were eating breakfast, a nice calm Saturday I believe it was."

That was the day a woman walked up to their front door with balloons and flowers in her hand, dressed as a clown, and shot and killed Marlene Warren, while Ahrens was home.

"The pictures and stuff on the balloons and stuff, I do remember all that," said Ahrens.

A break in the case only came a few months ago, when police told Ahrens they arrested the woman who married his step-dad. 

"They got married, wow!" said Ahrens. "That was very stressful for me at that time, that and they were living high on the hog like there's no wrongs".

Authorities say this case remained unsolved until 2014 when it was reopened and more DNA analysis was conducted that led them to Shelia Warren. Her court date will be May 9 in Florida. Shelia Warren has been charged with the First Degree Murder with a fire arm of Marlene Warren.

When Ahrens finally learned there was an arrest, he gave his customers 30 percent off for "the good news".

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