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Support for Jake's classmates

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At the end of Day 9 in the search for missing La Porte City teen Jake Wilson, the question remains, where is Jake?

After more than a week of searching the Wolf Creek area, the last place Jake told his stepdad he was going, investigators have taken over.

While investigators continue to work the case, many wait for answers, including those who went to school with Jake.

Jake was a Sophomore at Cedar Falls High School. Since the news of Jake's disappearance, Counselor Susan Langan and her staff have been working to make sure the students have the support they need to get through this time.

"They want to do something to help. You know, they feel helpless," said Langan.

Langan says school-wide activities like a bake sale the students held to raise money for the search, has helped students feel involved in the efforts to Bring Jake Home.

"We all wore blue. It was really cool to see the sea of blue in the hallways that people wore in honor of Jake," said Langan.

Students in Jake's hometown of La Porte City also wore blue for Jake. Even 5th graders from Creston showed their support for Jake and his family.

"You are telling them that, the adults are doing everything they can and we have to trust what they are doing," explained Langan. "There is not a lot we can do at this point except keep him in our thoughts and participate in some of these events. Just talking about what we can control and what is being done."

Langan says she has had students seek one-on-one help with school counselors to deal with Jake's disappearance.

Langan says Jake is a quiet student, but always has a smile on his face.

Jake's entire school community is hoping and praying for his return.

Langan and other school staff were among the nearly 900 volunteers who searched last Sunday.

"That was emotional. That was emotional to see so many people. . . It was very comforting and overwhelming, I am sure for the parents too, realizing how many people spent time looking for Jake, are thinking about him, and are wanting to help," said Langan.

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