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Student led program for both 80 and 8-year-olds

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University of Northern Iowa honors students were asked to identify and help solve a problem in their community, as a year long project.  

This transformed into a partnership between a group of UNI honor students, Black Hawk County YMCA after school programs, and NewAldaya Lifescapes Senior Home. The goal of the program was to help end depression in "long term care facilities".

"We wanted to address social isolation, also ageism, and help the kids have more respect for the older adults, and loss of independence. So we wanted to give the older adults an opportunity to teach them something," says UNI sophomore Megan Kooker. 

The residents got to share life lessons while doing activities with the kids. NewAldaya Lifescapes director of programming, Spencer Steffy, says this is something that the residents really look forward to. "Kids bring energy too so our residents kind of feed off that too", says Steffy.

The UNI honors students were pleased to find out that NewAldaya Lifescapes and the Black Hawk County YMCA plan to continue this partnership after this academic school year. 

For more information on how to get involved in this age integration program you can contact Megan Kooker via email:

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