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UPDATE: News conference today about search for missing La Porte City teen

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UPDATE: Black Hawk County Sheriff Tony Thompson says there will be a news conference this afternoon at the La Porte City Fire Station. 

He says it is expected to be at 2:00 p.m Friday. Both Sheriff Thompson and the La Porte City Police Chief will update the media on the status of the investigation.

He says, "Now that the weather is starting to cooperate, we anticipate better search conditions and look forward to pursuing further searching and operations using technology, staff searchers, and K9s."


As the search for 16-year-old Jake Wilson continues, authorities are asking for more of the public's help.

The Black Hawk County Sheriff and his investigative team would like to review any photos or videos taken in La Porte City on Saturday, the day Jake went missing.

Jake has been missing for six days. The teen with autism told his family he was taking a walk to Wolf Creek, but never came home. Friday, crews are continuing to sift through Wolf Creek, in hopes of finding something to #BringJakeHome. 

"If it's not the water, then what?" said Black Hawk County Sheriff Tony Thompson.

The question investigators and search crews have been trying to answer for nearly a week: What happened to 16-year-old Jake Wilson?

"Nothing that we have evaluated negates a story involving the water, nothing that we have evaluated indicates anything other than a resolution that revolves around the water," said Sheriff Thompson. "However, the more we check the water and the water isn't giving us any answers, the more we have to continue, like we have from the very beginning on the investigation side, contemplate, if it's not the water, then what?"

Friday, crews continued to break apart log jams and dove into the depths of Wolf Creek. La Porte City Police Chief Chris Brecher says parts of the creek could be up to 15 feet deep. Crews say everything must be checked.

"Eliminate area, that's all we can do," said Chief Brecher.

Saturday, crews will continue to clear the creek. But Chief Brecher says they are also bringing in new technology and a team from the Illinois/Wisconsin area.

"It is a remote-operated vehicle. It is a new technology, as far as I have been educated. We will have a lot of ability to really negotiate the water and utilize a new type of sonar mechanism," said Chief Brecher.

They are hopeful the robot will provide a clearer picture of the terrain below the dark waters.

Meanwhile, the investigation will continue.

KWWL asked Sheriff Thompson what they were looking for in the photos from the public, whether they are looking for Jake or somebody Jake could possibly be with.

"It's a little bit of everything.  There is a lot of technology that we plan to utilize with that evidence," responded Sheriff Thompson.

Sheriff Thompson is asking the public to submit the videos or photos to this website: www.fbi.gov/laportecityiowa.

Despite it being almost a week, searchers are staying motivated.

"We are still hopeful, we are still dedicated, we are still working our tails off," said Sheriff Thompson.

Sheriff Tony Thompson says investigators have been looking into other 911 calls from Saturday, even for things as mundane as a broken down car. They have also executed several search warrants, in efforts to find Jake and bring him home.

If you have any information on Jake Wilson, law enforcement is asking people to call the La Porte City Police Department at 319-342-2232 or the Black Hawk County Sheriff's Office at 319-291-2515.

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