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The "punk turtle" has been put on the endangered species list

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Australia's Mary River turtle, known as the 'punk turtle', is now officially on the endangered species list.

The turtle, with its green mohawk, is one of the world's most distinctive reptiles.

This week it ranked 29 on the Zoological Society of London's evolutionary distinct and globally endangered list.

The turtle's placement on the list has triggered calls for better protection of the turtle.

A Sydney-based turtle enthusiast found the Mary River turtle in a discovery that led to it being classified as a new species.

"They survived for millions of years with their numbers quite good but along come and the pigs. Coupling them on top of the native predators and people, that's what made them endangered now. This is not only from the Mary River, this is right through eastern Australia," John Cann, turtle enthusiast, said.

According to the Zoological Society of London, the 'punk turtle' was once a popular pet in Australia;  the exact population of the Mary River turtle is unknown.

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