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Feeling adventurous? Tarantula burger creeps onto North Carolina menu

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WRAL/Bull City Burger and Brewery WRAL/Bull City Burger and Brewery

Many people say there's nothing quite like sinking your teeth into a delicious, juicy burger. Some of those people would be pushed to their limits by a North Carolina burger with legs. Eight of them, to be exact.

NBC affiliate WRAL checked out a burger with a tarantula stacked onto it at Bull City Burger and Brewery this week. The bug on a bun is being served as the restaurant's Exotic Meat Month -- which is meant to celebrate exotic and interesting meats eaten around the world. Also on the menu are alligator, iguana, python and turtle burgers.

The tarantula is oven-roasted, and placed on an otherwise all-beef burger with gruyere cheese, a spicy chili sauce within a baked bun. Of course, fries accompany the eerie entrée . Bull City has coined the dish the "Tarantula Challenge,"  which will set you back $30, but also comes with a t-shirt if the brave eater can finish the crunchy culinary creation.

WRAL reports that the restaurant has a limited amount of 18 zebra tarantulas, and so interested customers have been signing up for a "Tarantula Raffle" in order to get their hands on the eight-legged lunch. One ticket is being drawn per day until the restaurant's tarantula supply runs out.

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