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DAY SIX: Crews searching water today for missing teen, may be limited by severe weather

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UPDATE: As the search for 16-year-old Jake Wilson continues, authorities are asking for more of the public's help.

The Black Hawk County Sheriff and his investigative team would like to review any photos or videos taken in La Porte City on Saturday when Jake went missing.

They are asking the public to submit the videos or photos to this website:

People can upload their photos and videos taken anywhere in La Porte City on that day. The sheriff uses the bike ride and a class reunion, as examples that were taking place in town that day.

A news conference will be held at 11:45 a.m. this morning with the latest, you can watch that live on our Facebook page and at


Investigators are continuing their search for a 16-year-old La Porte City teen with autism, but this time, without the help of hundreds of volunteers.

The La Porte City Police Chief, Chris Brecher, says they do not need public volunteers moving forward, because they are starting more targeted searches for the teen. 

Jake Wilson was last seen leaving his La Porte City home Saturday night around 9 p.m.  He was wearing a brown jacket, dark sweatpants and cowboy boots, but left without his glasses that he normally wears.

Jake told his parents he was walking to the nearby Wolf Creek, but he never returned.

Thursday crews dedicated most of their resources to searching a six mile stretch of the Wolf Creek from La Porte City to the Cedar River.

"We applied different GPS coordinates to different log jams and different areas of interest that we want to make sure to really shake up today," said Chief Brecher. "The biggest thing that we are going to do is really make sure the little nooks and crannies, that are possibilities to locate things, are mapped."

Kayakers and divers spent much of the day mapping the bottom of the creek and breaking up countless log jams.

"The biggest thing is we need to go slow and we need to be very, very, very detailed in our operations today that way we know. Again, if we know where he is not, it's gonna help us know where he is," said Chief Brecher.

Crews also checked targeted spots on land Thursday, but they spent much of their time combing through the creek.

The plan is to continue the water search on Friday, but crews may be limited by possible severe weather.

"I am a little frustrated we probably aren't going to get a full day tomorrow," said Sheriff Thompson.

But Sheriff Thompson also says the potential rainfall could help the search.

"Any time that we have a rise in the water level, we have a lifting of log jams, a lifting of those objects that are in the water. In some ways that helps. We have some mechanisms in place that as we have some of that and things break loose, we are catching that downstream . . .to be doubly sure that if he is in the water, he isn't getting past us," said Sheriff Thompson.

Dozens of investigators are aiding the Black Hawk County Sheriff with the search.

"We are treating this as though it were a criminal situation so that we don't miss steps, so that we process very meticulously, so that we approach very methodically and very professionally what we've got going on and hope that all of that methodology, all of the meticulousness, is met with, 'he slipped in the water', that is what our hope is, but we are still processing and pursuing this as what if he's not there," said Sheriff Thompson.

Crews plan to continue searching the area until they #BringJakeHome. At this point, they have not ruled anything out.

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