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AUCTION: Items sold before school is torn down

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One community will soon be saying goodbye to a nearly 100-year-old school.

The 1921 Dunkerton School Building's roof was damaged during a 2008 tornado. After making temporary fixes, the district has made moves to entirely replace the building, starting with demolition later this year.

Before that, the school auctioned off many of the classroom items. This weekend, people in the community got the chance to look through every classroom in the old school building, bidding on dozens of items, such as desks, white boards and lockers.

Many of the people say it was emotional because it was the first time they were back in the old school since they graduated.

"A lot of us just came to look...some of us are buying a few things probably, but just a lot of nostalgia," said Dennis Magee, Dunkerton Class of 1981.

Graduates say walking through the halls made it feel like they were right back in school.

"It's a little bit weird, there's a lot of memories here...not a lot of learning, it was more like goofing around," laughed Magee. "We've told a lot of stories about not studying and getting in trouble and that sort of thing."

"It's nice to see people that we haven't seen for a few years," said Jeff Seamans, Dunkerton Class of 1981. "It is a little odd to come back to the old building and to see it so different what we remember it as."

Many people visited the school for auction, while others say they went to say goodbye to their school and see their classmates.

"I felt the need to come today just to see it, not necessarily to buy anything, but to actually see the building...maybe run into old friends and just kind of walk around and share some stories," said Seamans.

From the doors to kitchens supplies, everything inside the old school was for sale, before it's torn down. A surreal moment for those who walked the halls.

"You walk around and you see that it probably has outlived it's usefulness, it's in pretty bad shape it's just time to go," said Magee.

"It means there's progress, it means the community is moving forward," said Seamans. "It's an older building and it served it's purpose and I think it was time it comes down and I think it's time to move on and build new chapters."

The newer additions to the school are still being used, but the older part of the building will be torn down by the end of the spring semester.

Educators say they hope to have a brand-new two-story building built in the next two years, it will be used for elementary classrooms.

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