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Falbo Bros pizza closes its door, accused of not paying employees

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(UPDATE) Workers are coming forward to say they haven't been paid after the owner of the two Falbo locations denied not paying his employees.

Since KWWL ran its original story on Friday about allegations made against Barry Golvinaux, four employees have come forward to say they haven't been paid with copies of bounce check receipts.

One former employee's receipt showed they were owed close to $200. That employee said he didn't receive his most recent paycheck, either.

Another employee said he is still owed more than $700 and said he plans to file a wage claim against the owner.


(ORIGINAL STORY) A popular pizza joint closed its door abruptly and now a note on its door accuses the business of not paying its employees.

Falbo Bros Pizza in Iowa City has been closed since March 30. It's located on Gilbert St. close to the downtown area. The Coralville location also closed on that same day and it was the same story for its Davenport location back in January.

Both the Iowa City and Coralville locations came under new ownership back in August, only to close their doors eight months later.

A temporarily closed sign, at the Iowa City location, read "Falbos is temporarily closed. Sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully we will re-open soon." Underneath, a second sign reads of serious allegations about employees not being paid.

It said, "This establishment's owner, Barry, along with the entire Falbo's corporation has failed to pay employees, and refuses to answer calls about this illegal failure."

A post on its Facebook page said the business would be closed from March 30 to April 1 for training and maintenance but on Friday, passersby found the restaurant was still dark and its doors locked.

"My initial reaction when I saw the sign was kind of blown away because you really don't think that happens too much but then you see if somebody is that angry to posted a letter for other people to see then something is really going down," Tristan Brown, of Iowa City, said.

Phone calls could not be made to either location. At the Iowa City one, the line said it was suspended.

Owner of the two locations, Barry Golvinaux, answered KWWL's questions through Facebook. He denied the allegations of the note.

"No employees have had there wages withheld," he said.

Golvinaux did say there was a previous payment issue but that it was cleared up.

"There was an issue where some deposits weren't made in time, causing a few checks to be returned, but to my knowledge, the checks that were returned, were paid immediately by our petty cash," he said.

In a lengthy statement, Golvinaux goes on to say he had to close the business because of an illness that has left him bed-ridden and that he had tried to find a new owner.

"We are currently closed, working together with corporate trying to transfer ownership as fast as possible, so I can focus on my health, and the community can go back to being served by Falbos without interruption," he said.

The corporate office for Falbos did not immediately respond to KWWL about the allegations.

Golvinaux said, between the two locations, there were close to 20 employees. He said their jobs would still be available once a new owner is found and the stores reopen.

So far, the Better Business Bureau had no complaints on file about unpaid wages from the business.

Stay with KWWL as this story develops.

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