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KWWL Initiative: Abby Turpin's "Little of the Month" for Big Brothers Big Sisters

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As the Celebrity (we'll use that term loosely!) Ambassador for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Iowa, I'm proud to bring to you this month's "Abby's Little of the Month."  As the need for mentors in our area continues, we want to make sure everyone knows the impact being a mentor and having a mentor can have.  We are proud to share this story of a successful match between a Little and her Big, 'Taking a Leap.'  

Nearly four years ago, Amber was on her normal route to work that passed by the Big Brothers Big Sisters office. She decided right then and there she COULD make a difference in the life of a child, and the rest is history!

Little Sister Stephanie had been waiting several months to be matched. At their match introduction meeting, she was quite timid and reserved. However, her new Big Sister Amber’s tireless enthusiasm, positive attitude and genuine interest in Stephanie were contagious, and she started to quickly move beyond her shy comfort zone.

Amber describes their outings as non-stop conversations from the moment she picks Stephanie up until the moment she takes her home again! There is an endless list of topics; school, friends, family, holidays, self-esteem, growing up. The pair has enjoyed so much in common!

Stephanie is nearing the end of her high school experience and planning for the future. Big Sister Amber is very proud of her Little Sister’s accomplishments…completing driver’s ed and getting her driver’s license, the job search process, and a really big leap outside of her comfort zone to join the tennis club!

Amber HAS made a difference in the life of a young woman named Stephanie. Her genuine, dedicated, unwavering support has led to new adventures, enduring life lessons, and a cherished friendship. And Stephanie HAS made a difference in the life of her mentor and friend, Amber. Their Sister connection is a shared and treasured bond!

To learn more about "Abby's Little of the Month" initiative and to become a Big Sister like Amber, click here.

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