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Students spread positive Post-its in hopes of preventing school shootings

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A big question everyone is asking: how do we prevent school shootings? One eastern Iowa school says positivity may be the answer.

Sixth graders at Clear Creek Amana Middle School are spreading positivity on Post-it notes.

The students say the positive messages on the Post-it notes may not stop a school shooting from happening, but what they do hope is by making everyone feel included and important the risk goes down.

"You're cool', 'you're amazing', 'you're nice' and 'you matter", are just a few examples of the Post-it notes scattered on student's lockers. A quick note like those, could go a long way. 

"If you're just helping everyone feel happy and stuff it could prevent a lot of things and it can make their day a great day," said Lily Mosier, 6th Grader.

The sixth grade class was talking about school shootings this week.

"I get a little bit scared, but I also have to remember that there's a little bit of a chance that it could happen, but not a big chance," said Lily. "If you help people, it could prevent all of that."

"It was kind of scary because I didn't know it would happen here, but I know there is not a big, huge chance of it happening here, but there's a small chance that it would," Kyler Scranton, 6th Grader. "If it would, we would have teachers to protect us."

The discussion in the sixth grade classroom help raise the question, 'how do we stop this?'

"How do we stop it before something happens?" said Austin Mullikin, 6th Grade Social Studies Teacher. "They all said, 'maybe you sit with that kid at lunch who doesn't have anybody, or be kind'."

There are nearly 500 Post-it notes on the sixth grade lockers, with messages ranging from 'you rock' and 'don't ever change'. This project is something that students are really happy to be apart of.

"I like to see everyone smile because I guess it makes me smile," said Lily.

Post-it notes with positivity may not be the solution, but students and teachers hope it helps.

"The kids feel, stop something before it happens and I am not saying a Post-it note is going to stop something, but it does help people feel included and I think that can have a big impact," said Mullikin.

At first the class with 26 students were asked to fill out three Post-it notes, but once they got started that advanced. Two dozen students filled out more than 500 notes.

Right now the Post-it notes are only on sixth grade lockers, but the school is hopeful a ripple affect will occur and all students will get a positive note.

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