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Iowa Flood Center deploys more weather stations

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The Iowa Flood Center has a goal of putting a weather station in every county across the state to help with flood forecasting and farming. 

Hydrologic stations stand ten feet tall and keep track of rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, soil temperature and soil moisture.

They require very little maintenance. 

 "The whole system then has an eternal battery in here and solar panels to keep it recharged," says UI Research Engineer Jim Niemeier. 

It's something that can benefit farmers like Stewart and Jared Maas who allowed one to be installed on their land. 

 "You want to have the ground pretty warm when you start planting and it will help us kind of manage out time table when we want to get out there and when we should be out there," says Jared. 

Data  is collected in a modem and goes on the Iowa Flood Information System (IFIS) website which is updated every 15 minutes for the public. 

It's not just farmers using the information, cities can benefit from it as well. 

"Now they give us enough advanced notice that we can be prepared for the flash floods before they arrive in our community," says Coralville Mayor Jim Lundell. 

20 hydrologic stations will be installed this year to add to the nearly 50 rain gauge stations across the state, putting the Flood Center one step closer to their goal.

The Iowa Flood Center looks for landowners who are interested in having a weather station on their property and live within a watershed. 

You can check out the IFIS website to see data from your area here: 


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