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Rep. Steve King's statement following citizen question restored to census

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Congressman Steve King issued the following statement in response to the Department of Commerce's announcement that the 2020 census will reinstate a question regarding the citizenship status of respondents. 

King, who has introduced HR 3600 - the Census Accuracy Act of 2017 in order to improve the quality of census data collected, wrote Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in February, asking for a citizenship question to be added. 

“The Commerce Department has granted my request and is restoring a necessary citizenship question to improve the quality of census data gathered,” said King. “Census data is used for a variety of reasons, including the apportionment of Congressional seats. Sanctuary states like California flaunt federal immigration law to give aid and comfort to large populations of illegal aliens, and those states are unjustly rewarded with extra Congressional representation as a byproduct of doing so." 

" Citizens should not have their representation in Congress diluted due to the concentrated presence of illegal aliens in lawless cities and states. Americans should count the citizenship question as a partial win, while demanding more action to prevent illegal aliens from determining Congressional seats. Congress should also pass my Census Accuracy Act, HR 3600, and put the government on the path towards ensuring Congressional representation is based on citizen populations, not illegal populations.”

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