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NEW DETAILS: Ron Corbett announces ballot appeal by ripping Republican "establishment"

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In an impassioned press conference Wednesday afternoon, governor-hopeful Ron Corbett said he will appeal being kicked off the primary ballot. 

Corbett was kicked off the ballot after his signatures were challenged for having duplicates. The panel ruled that Corbett was eight signatures short, keeping him off the primary ballot.

In his press conference, Corbett went after the "establishment" and said they were out to get him. The challenge to his signatures came from within his own party.

"That's what the establishment does.  They chew people up and they spit them out," Corbett said. "They're not a very friendly group from time to time when their power is threatened. They just assume hog tie you and throw you in the ditch, but I'm not afraid of them."

In his speech, Corbett also threw some jabs at Governor Kim Reynolds.

"I'm a Republican, but I'm not an establishment Republican. I'm not the candidate of the special interest groups and I'm not the candidate of the donor class. That's Governor Reynolds."

Corbett said the decision to not let him on the primary ballot was split 2-1.

"There's something in my gut that tells me this isn't right to disqualify people to disenfranchise voters and not have them included in the papers that were filed and, therefore, preventing a primary," he said.

Corbett claims it wouldn't have mattered if the signatures came into question in the first place.

"If we filed 150 more, 500 more, 1000 more or 500 more. You see, they've been out to get me since I announced and they would have found some other tactic if it wasn't throwing me off the ballot to knock my campaign," he said.

If the judge rules against Corbett's challenge, he said he will accept that decision and his campaign would come to an end. He said he wouldn't explore a run as an independent candidate.

"I want some clarity on this issue. I saw a lot of confusion yesterday among the panel members and, when the only lawyer on the panel sided with us, I think we have a good case," Corbett said.

In a one-on-one interview with KWWL, Reynolds had this to say about the signature challenge.

"I don't have anything to do with Ron Corbett's campaign. I'm focused on Iowans.  I'm focused on the job," she said.

If a judge denies Corbett's appeal, Reynolds would run uncontested on the Republican ticket in the June primary.

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