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Waterloo dog is wearing human clothes after tumor surgery

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Rachel Shadle Rachel Shadle
Rachel Shadle Rachel Shadle

A Waterloo dog is dressing up, and not because he thinks it's Halloween. 

Percy recently had surgery to remove five lumps, and now he is recovering.

His mom, Rachel Shadle, says the "cone of shame" wasn't working because of his shape and size.

Instead, she is having him wear clothes, so he doesn't scratch his surgical incisions. The Waterloo dog is loving the new wardrobe.

Den Herder Veterinary Hospital says this solution won't work with all dogs and all situations. 

Here is part of what their post on Facebook says: 

Percy had to have 5 lumps removed (he's all okay now). The incisions were a bit bothersome as you can imagine even with the pain meds.

Instead of doing the cone of shame, which on a pony-sized dog is a bit much, she went with the "I'll dress you up so you can't lick your owwies" route.

Rachel reports he is now leaving everything alone and her other dogs want to know when they are going to get a full wardrobe.

??Note of Caution: This idea might not work in all situations or with all pets. PLEASE be sure your dog will tolerate this. We often think it is cute to dress up our pets, but in some cases it is stressful for them.

In Rachel's case, Percy showed no signs of distress or even interest in what he was wearing. If he had struggled, tried to get the clothes off, or shown signs of anxiety or discomfort (e.g., yawning, panting, pacing), she would not have kept the shirt on him.

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