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Local golf course battles geese problem

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One area city is finding the wrong customer flocking to the golf course. 

The City of Waterloo says hundreds of geese are calling the Gates Golf Course home, creating some sanitary issues for golfers.

Tuesday, geese swimming on the course's pond made for a picturesque winter scene, but come warmer weather, the large flock of geese creates a mess for golfers.

"A sanitary issue and a yuck factor," said JB Bolger, the Golf and Downtown Maintenance Manager for Waterloo Leisure Services.

With golfers' shoes and equipment picking up droppings left by more the more than 200 geese living on the course, the city decided to relocate the birds.

The city has hired Avian Engineers out of Des Moines to relocate the flock by constantly interrupting them with dogs that chase the birds and green lasers.

"We are not harming the geese. We are just making them get up and move, get up and move, get up and move," said Shane Anderson with Avian Engineers.

The company uses a computer programmed green laser that flashes across the area to constantly disrupt the geese.

"It is an annoyance factor, but it is a 24-hour annoyance 7-days a week. It is a robot, basically," said Anderson.

Eventually, the geese will look for a new place to nest.

"Unfortunately someone else will have them," said Anderson.

 The geese, likely, won't go far.

"I hear there are twenty golf courses around the Waterloo area, so you got my name and number. We can work something out," joked Anderson.

This city also has a geese problem at the Waterloo Boat House and will be implementing the same process.

The services cost the city $2,500.

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