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Chihuahua lives after falling down hole

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A chihuahua survived a nearly 40 foot fall down a hole at an eastern Iowa state park. The 12-year-old pup from Riverside was able to make it out with the help of fire crews. 

The amazing rescued happened the first week of March at Bixby State Preserve in Edgewood. The dog's owner Kathy Thor says it was gut wrenching when she realized what happened to her dog, Miss P.

"It was the most horrible, gut wrenching cry I have ever heard, I knew something was horribly wrong," said Thor, Riverside.

Thor says she's never seen husband cry until they nearly lost Miss P.

"Oh my God we are never going to see the dog again," described Thor.

Miss P was walking off her leash when she fell down a hole.

"I laid at the hole looking down and calling to her and there was nothing, she was completely gone," said Thor. "Then I heard her whimper, I said, 'she is in there, she is alive'."

After trying to get Miss P herself Thor called 911. The Edgewood Fire Department jumped into action and retrieved Miss P from the hole.

"I had my eyes closed and then I heard feet shuffling and some voices and I opened my eyes and there is a firefighter holding my dog, it was the best moment of my life," said Thor.

Miss P was able to climb back up the hole, close enough to where fire crews could reach her.

"I decided that if she couldn't come out of that hole my life would have never been the same," said Thor. "But because they figured it out and got her out my life goes on."

Thor and her husband are forever grateful for the men who saved their dog.

"I will never forget them as long as I live they saved me and Miss P," said Thor.

The Edgewood Fire Department says this is the first time they've ever performed a rescue like this. 

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