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Spring's arrival means it almost time to bust out your bicycle

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Spring is officially here, which means many's thoughts have turned to those outdoor activities, including bicycling.

And as you get ready to bust your bike out of hibernation from a long winter, there are some things you should keep in mind.

Pam Lewey, general manager of the Bike Shack in Dubuque, says, "Probably the  most important is check your tires. Tires like to get dry rotted, and then you put air in them, and you get halfway out on your ride, and they blow."

She says her shop offers free safety checks, to look for issues like that or with your cables, which can be another huge problem spot.

"Cables get rusty after they've been sitting for a while.  If you see rust on your cables for your brakes, definitely get that in and have it looked at. Cause you don't want to get down a hill, and Dubuque is very hilly, so make sure your cables are good," she said.

And if you're thinking about getting on a bike for the first time, or the first time in a long time, Lewey says it makes a difference which bike you choose.

"If you're not comfortable, and the bike's not fitted properly for you, it's not going to feel right and you're not going to enjoy riding it. So you definitely want to go to a bike store, get properly fitted and make sure the bike is set for you," she said.

And as always, remember that safety gear--especially your helmet.

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